NorFlag 3.0 - Acoustic Performance Estimation Software


Do you need to estimate the acoustic performance of constructions combining different material layers such as porous materials (e.g. mineral wool), solid and perforated plates (slotted, with circular holes, microperforated)? NorFLAG does the job of calculating the absorption coefficient, the impedance and the sound reduction index for constructions combining such different material layers. NorFLAG also calculates the attenuation of noise in ducts, e.g. air-conditioning ducts, lined with the chosen layers.

Calculations may be performed at single frequencies or as mean values in one-third-octave bands, for free and diffuse field sound incidence. For exported data (MS-Excel or ASCII) values in octave-bands are presented. One may estimate the absorption coefficient measured in a standard reverberation room according to ISO 354. These absorption coefficients may be directly exported to the software NorRT60 (former WinRT60) that calculates thereverberation time in rooms.

For more information please see pdf.


How to buy the software

The NorFLAG software is only available for purchase through this website. Simply download the software from the link below. Unpack the .zip file, and follow the instructions found in readme.txt.

You are then entitled a 7 days’ free trial period. Thereafter, a registration code will appear. This code must be sent to for re-coding to a permanent license Key. To avoid operational break after 7 days please fill in form below to receive ordering details. If more than 5 licenses are required, please contact for a quotation.

Please note that NorFLAG is offered as a single user license only. A purchased NorFLAG License Key is valid only for the installation that generated the registration code. Moving a purchased license to another PC is not possible.

Download NorFlag sofware