Nor1026 NorReview

Nor1026 NorReview

New features in V 5.0 !

  • New optional Pure Tone module for ISO 1996-2 calculations
  • ‘Step-line’ graph style feature in L(t) Views
  • In the L(t) View Axis Properties dialogue box there is a new selection within the Graph style box. In addition to the previous styles ‘High/Low’ and ‘Line’, a new feature called ‘Step-line’ has been added. This new style is similar to the ‘Line’ style, but it always drawn the lines between two measurement points as a horizontal line and then an straight vertical line.
  • Nor850 measurement files is supported
  • Nor133/136 vibration data is supported
  • Improved NorReport feature for SPL-based percentiles and vibration data
  • .TXT files is now supported. This opens up NorReview for reading measurement data from other equipment than what is directly supported.
  • Enhanced marker management:
  • Marker calculation of vibration data
  • Entry of single markers from the marker bar entry
  • Marker entry to multiple data sources
  • Marker entry in ‘QuickView’ displays
  • Inserting new markers when viewing measurement data from a database in the online ‘QuickView’ display screen is now possible using the Marker Bar entry feature. Hence, even for noise monitoring applications, the online insertion of markers have become possible.
  • Single Marker Calculations within Marker Administration Window

 Detailed description of the new features can be downloaded here.


  • The NorReview is a flexible PC software package for presenting and post processing any noise or vibration data from a Norsonic instrument
  • It can be used to quickly generate a single report, to make advanced evaluations and complex project reports
  • All users may start up with the basic package, and then addthe optional features as new requirements arise
  • The NorReview software package is compatible with the WindowsXP platform


  • Evaluation of industrial noise
  • Evaluation of rail and road traffic noise
  • Evaluation of residential noise
  • Direct import or file read-in from Norsonic instruments
  • Accept measurement files from Nor840
  • Marker view, edit and insert functions
  • Replay of noise recordings with dynamic cursor and marker insert features
  • Post processed event analysis with marker insert feature
  • Post processed calculations on pre-marked sections
  • Rating calculations according to National Standards
  • Pre-defined project reports
  • User-defined project reports
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