Here you can download a collection of Norsonic application programs, firmware for our instruments and more.

NorVirtual Instrument and the basic version of NorXfer are freeware if you have purchased a Norsonic sound level meter. The other programs provide that you have purchased a license key. The license key is either programmed into a hard lock key that must be connected to one of the USB ports on the PC, or it is a registration code that must be keyed in at the first start-up of the program.

All programs may be tested out for a period of 60 days by entering DEMO in the username and license code field. Install and run the program you want to test. The license code registration field is found in the “Help” menu. After the 60 days have expired you must buy a registration code from Norsonic to continue using the program.

PLEASE NOTE! Norsonic provide regular software updates with new features and bug fixes. New software versions are free of charge if the version is on the same main software version level. Upgrading to a new main version (I.E. from v.1.xx to 2.xx), requires that you purchase new software license codes unless you have a software maintenance contract. Firmware should only be upgraded if you are advised to do so by your local representative and on their instructions.

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