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Norsonic, a reliable and experienced partner in environmental noise monitoring.

With the NorCloud web portal and associated hardware, Norsonic sets new standards for monitoring tasks. It couldn’t get any easier: after switching on, the measuring station automatically logs into NorCloud with its ID via the internal 4G modem. All settings are made conveniently via the web portal – from any PC/tablet/smartphone.
Thanks to flexible report templates, monitoring and documentation is completely automated supporting several output formats.
The NorCloud system can be configured to support simple dBA noise monitoring tasks to high demanding project measuring with Noise compass and live view with minimum latency. Measurement data can be downloaded to your local PC, streamed to a webpage, copied to a file server, or kept in NorCloud.
NorCloud also handles alarms and triggers with forwarding to the user by SMS or email. Both continuous and triggered audio recording with picture taken by an external IP camera is possible.
The calibratable measurement chain is based on Nor1545 noise monitoring terminal. This is a scalable system that can be tailored to your need. Permanent running on mains or solar power driven or temporary on battery.
With the optional NoiseCompass for direction detection, sound sources are also automatically located, categorized, and evaluated. It enables you to calculate the sound emission from one sector only, less time spent on listening to audio recordings and reporting.
For system integrators and volume customers with special custom needs, the Nor1545 / Nor145 also support communication via an application programming interface (API).
Data is safely hosed on Microsoft AzureTM servers located on datacenters in North Europe.

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