• Building acoustics reporting.
  • Sound intensity reporting.
  • Sound power reporting.



Building acoustics reporting


Measurements taken manually by use of the Norsonic sound level meters Nor140 or Nor150 and stored in the PC, are imported easily into the reporting modules. Level, reverberation or background measurement files are included into the respective table folders by simple drag&drop technique. Even complete building acoustics files containing all data in one file may be imported.

The full range of Standards for building acoustics such as the in-situ ISO 16283, laboratory ISO 10140 and the national versions such as American ASTM Standards, are selectable. Calculation properties as well as informative text for the excel reports are inserted and edited for the final calculation of the sound insulation indices or sound power value.

Sound power reporting


As described in the Building Acoustic mode, existing measurement files in a PC may be imported into the Nor850 for calculation of the final Sound Power results. The Sound Power calculations is done using the range of pre-defined Standards in the ISO 3740 series.

Sound intensity reporting


In the Nor850 software you can change all settings the same way as in the Nor150. However, copying and analysing the measurements is easier on a larger screen. The Nor850 software provides intuitive visual tools for editing.

Copy segments or surfaces, view intermediate results of a subset of segments, exclude segments, surfaces or bands. If desired, the measurement may be up/downgraded between Survey/Engineering, and the weighted frequency range may be changed.

Nor850 displays all the information as the Nor150, including the Scope Selector and all functions. In addition, the results are mapped onto a 2D/3D surface for noise mapping.

A typical application may be the case where limited time did not allow for a full definition of segments before measurement. All measurements can be made on a single surface where the areas are not defined. By opening up two measurement projects in Nor850, you define a new total measurement surface and copy/paste each measured segment into correct locations in the new project.


Measured results are available in various windows containing graphs, tables, navigation pane etc.


Nor850 with Sound Intensity option includes report generation for the ISO 9614 part 1 and part 2 Standards. Fill in the essential information about the measurement, and generate the measurement report.


Measured results displayed as 2D surface and 3D surface together, along with the Scope Selector (navigator) and colour range adjustment pane.



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Nor850 reporting software

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Nor850 software

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